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A special occassion coming up? Or simply just want a Customised T-shirt with you own designs? Let us help you with that!

White T-shirt Single-sided Print Prices per shirt*:


Size 0-2 (S$15.90)

Size 3, S, M (S$18.90)

Size M-XL (S$23.90)

Size XXL (S$29.90)
Size XXXL (S$33.90)


Coloured T-shirt Single-sided Print:
+S$4 from above


Long Sleeves:


*Minimum order of 2pcs

Simply drop us an email with the following details:

1. Name to be printed + milestones (e.g. Sofea's 6th Birthday) (if any)
2. T-shirt size(s)

3. T-shirt quantity
4. Attach a photo of the design you want to print/ let us know the character you want to print




Your exclusive custom-made t-shirts are made with 100% Cotton Combed 24S. Your designs will be printed directly on the shirt using the digital print technique DTG (Direct To Garment). Say goodbye to tacky, stick-on prints! All prints are guaranteed to be of high quality with the use of garment ink directly imported from America. Sharp colours without fading even after several washes!

Customised T-shirt

  • Size 0 (0-1 years old) - W28cm x L34cm

    Size 1 (1-2 years old) - W32cm x L42cm

    Size 2 (3-5 years old - W36cm x L50cm

    Size 3 (6-8 years old) - W39cm x L58cm

    Size S - W41cm x L61cm

    Size M - W44cm x L64cm

    Size ML - W47cm x L67cm

    Size L - W50cm x L70cm

    Size XL - W53cm x L73cm

    Size XXL - W56cm x L76cm

    Size XXXL - W66cm x L79cm


    W = width (across chest)

    L = length (shoulder to bottom of shirt)

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