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A plushie version of YOU? How cute is that?!

Mini-Me Plushies come in 4 different sizes.


Small - 25cm (S$21.90)

Medium - 30cm (S$30.90)

Large - 35cm (S$35.90)

XL - 45cm (S$50.90)

Simply drop us an email with the following details and we will plushie-fy it for you!

1. Name to be printed
2. Size of plushie
3. Attach a photo of the person you want plushie-fied!

Mini-Me Plushie

  • Handwash / Machine gentle cycle

    Do not bleach

    Do not soak in hot water

  • Lead time for delivery will be 3-4 weeks upon payment confirmation.

    Kindly give some leeway for measurement allowances.

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